1st B-day Party

Monday, June 14, 2010

good trip


Long time no talk. Hehehe
Well, we went on a week trip to Bend, Oregon where we went for my mom's 60th birthday celebration. My mom flew here first on Wed. We had fun shoppoing all day Thursday and my mom came to watch me play dodgeball where I got hit pretty hard aquiring 3 huge bruises on my legs. I also got hit in the face and even my mom got hit by a ball. UGH!

My brother bought a house in Bend so we were able to finally see it. It is such a nice house.. good job bro. My sis and her family drove there from CO so it was a lot of fun all being together and not during Christmas. hehe

We did LOTS of outdoor stuff, to the point where Justin was very annoyed. It was good though.. we did some minor hiking (I can't really hike well - due to my asthma) and went for a bike ride, checked out a great waterfall and some really yummy restaurants. Good times!!

My mom said it was her best birthday ever. Success!