1st B-day Party

Friday, September 17, 2010

So many emotions, so little time

I am super duper moody lately, but feel just in most of my fits. I think that should be okay. I am 13 weeks and 1 day preggers now and still super duper sick. I literally get sick 1-4 times everyday now even when I take a special little pill to help ease the nausea. I mean seriously, why do I even bother trying to eat sometimes. I have actually lost a pound or two, which is fine because I gained like 10 since finding out I was pregnant. But it sucks.

I was craving a glazed donut while in bed one morning.. so I told the hubby and he of coarse told me to go get some. Yeah, he doesn't go get me things.. he isn't that kind of hubby. So I go and end up getting a dozen.. I mean why not! Had one before I left the parking lot! SO GOOD! I ate 3 total and than they all came up. I mean, I can't even enjoy my cravings anymore. Don't worry I had a couple more that stuck until after 9pm.

Than yesterday I noticed that my eye was like red in this one spot. How did this happen? What is this?? It doesn't hurt or itch?? weird! Well at my fun play group today the girls noticed it right away and said I popped a blood vessel in my eye most likely from getting sick. REALLY?? REALLY, Puking can cause that? GREAT! (note sarcasm)

Otherwise feeling great.. hehe No I don't, I am super tired and I feel super fat and ugly and have a hard time getting out of bed every day. I choose to take naps when Austin lays down for his instead of exercise, get on the computer or clean. Our house isn't very pretty and I just can't seem to care. Justin has been telling me I need to vacuum the house for over a month. I remind him how sick I have been and that he can sure go do it if he really wants to. Well he finally did! WE both did some cleaning the other day, which was good.. I puked after of coarse.. but at least some stuff got done. :)

Cravings: I seems to want glazed donuts (had some holes today, mmm), soup and pizza. Funny because I am not a big fan of pizza but lately it is like all I want. Things that repel me: Fish and steak. I feel bad, J made steaks and I couldn't even look at it. I told him I was feeling really nauseous and he was mad at me.. than 30 min later I got sick (the bagel I had 2 hours earlier and my salad for lunch - because I know you want to know the details) than he wasn't mad at me anymore.. it is like he believed me. CRAZY! So I have this huge yummy steak in the fridge that just makes me nauseous when I think about trying to eat it. So annoying.

In other news.. Going to COLORADO on Tuesday to visit my sister and her family, my good friend and her fam and my friend is getting married!! I am so happy and excited for her, they totally belong together so this is super great! I even bought a cute dress at Kohls for it bc my go to black maternity dress is too big and my non mat clothes are too small. So this is super flattering.. My tummy is popping but mostly due to fat not the kid inside who is only 3 inches tall.. Can't wait to go to CO!! WHOHOO!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's super official... we are Pregnant!

That is right friends and family that are not yet aware, we are 12 weeks pregnant today. I know the time to hold off on telling everyone is like 14 weeks bc of possible miscarriage but I feel okay in this decision.

So if you don't know, my last pregnancy was horrible. I disliked almost all of it. Yeah, obviously the outcome is worth it but why can't I just have a slightly more friendly pregnancy. I was super optimistic (okay I wasn't) that this time around I would not be as sick, but so far, not so good. I have gotten sick 6 out of 7 days a week including the days I take a nice little prescribed pill to help me not puke. It is horrible. It is acid and the water I drank through the night in the mornings and my dinner at nights. Really?? Oh and the heartburn is crazy bad early this time around too.. and I get up at least 2 times per night to go to the bathroom.. and the tiredness..

Enough venting.. we are super excited to welcome Baby Bjoin #2 to the world and our family!! Man I hope it is a girl!! We are undecided about having 2 or 3 children... so we will see what the cards hold. I should know the gender in like 6-8 weeks. I will share at that time..
Until than - feel free to send happy healthy vibes our way!