1st B-day Party

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin is so smart

Well we think so anyways!!
Here is where he is at.
Words he can say and know: Hi, Mama, Dada, Ball(fav), Catch, Dog, Balloon, and Hot. We are pretty sure he said Cat but not going to count it yet.
Words he can read on his flashcards: Dog (he actually says) and Ear (he points to it when he sees card) This is amazing to me because we don't really go over the flashcards much from his Your Baby Can Read pack.. so we know it isn't a memorization thing..
Body parts he knows and will point to when asked: ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, tongue, nose (he puts his finger up it all the time), toes, feet, hair, head and his first - Bellybutton! Working on knees and shoulders as well but not there yet.
He can only sign one word and it is sporadic: More
He loves to clap and dance around now as well. And he is becoming quite the thrower.. a Nebraska Cornhusker Quarterback possibly?? mmm??? I think so! He actually sits and watches football with mommy and daddy on Sat (Huskers) and Sunday (all NFL).
We are having fun watching our little man really grow up!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween is in the air!

If you know me, you know how Halloween is my FAV holiday mostly due to the costumes. Yes, I am a theater lover and love to dress up. I also love how the weather turns colder and the leaves on the trees (yes we do have some trees here in AZ) turn that orange burnt color this time of year. Along with the smell of spice and pumkin pie I love the fun decorations of this event.
This year we are having a Halloween Party!! WHOHOO!! We had one 2 years ago when I was newly pregnant with Austin. Funny how things work out and I am now pg with Austin's new sibling.. pregnant again for a party. UGH!
We are making this a family friendly party because we have so many friends with little ones that it is just easier to go that route this time around. I really hope everyone can make it as I am planning fun games for all and yummy eats and goolish treats. I got this great book on how to make fun creative cupcakes and have 3 different types planned for the occasion. I even bought prizes for the games and costume contest. SO EXCITED!!
Justin, Austin and myself area all going to be Vampires... not the Twilight version because, well, they just look like everyone else. No fun in that. I have my costume and A's all done.. but still looking for one more peice to finish Justin's.
I will let you know how it all turns out! Can't freaking Wait!!! WHOHOO

Friday, September 17, 2010

So many emotions, so little time

I am super duper moody lately, but feel just in most of my fits. I think that should be okay. I am 13 weeks and 1 day preggers now and still super duper sick. I literally get sick 1-4 times everyday now even when I take a special little pill to help ease the nausea. I mean seriously, why do I even bother trying to eat sometimes. I have actually lost a pound or two, which is fine because I gained like 10 since finding out I was pregnant. But it sucks.

I was craving a glazed donut while in bed one morning.. so I told the hubby and he of coarse told me to go get some. Yeah, he doesn't go get me things.. he isn't that kind of hubby. So I go and end up getting a dozen.. I mean why not! Had one before I left the parking lot! SO GOOD! I ate 3 total and than they all came up. I mean, I can't even enjoy my cravings anymore. Don't worry I had a couple more that stuck until after 9pm.

Than yesterday I noticed that my eye was like red in this one spot. How did this happen? What is this?? It doesn't hurt or itch?? weird! Well at my fun play group today the girls noticed it right away and said I popped a blood vessel in my eye most likely from getting sick. REALLY?? REALLY, Puking can cause that? GREAT! (note sarcasm)

Otherwise feeling great.. hehe No I don't, I am super tired and I feel super fat and ugly and have a hard time getting out of bed every day. I choose to take naps when Austin lays down for his instead of exercise, get on the computer or clean. Our house isn't very pretty and I just can't seem to care. Justin has been telling me I need to vacuum the house for over a month. I remind him how sick I have been and that he can sure go do it if he really wants to. Well he finally did! WE both did some cleaning the other day, which was good.. I puked after of coarse.. but at least some stuff got done. :)

Cravings: I seems to want glazed donuts (had some holes today, mmm), soup and pizza. Funny because I am not a big fan of pizza but lately it is like all I want. Things that repel me: Fish and steak. I feel bad, J made steaks and I couldn't even look at it. I told him I was feeling really nauseous and he was mad at me.. than 30 min later I got sick (the bagel I had 2 hours earlier and my salad for lunch - because I know you want to know the details) than he wasn't mad at me anymore.. it is like he believed me. CRAZY! So I have this huge yummy steak in the fridge that just makes me nauseous when I think about trying to eat it. So annoying.

In other news.. Going to COLORADO on Tuesday to visit my sister and her family, my good friend and her fam and my friend is getting married!! I am so happy and excited for her, they totally belong together so this is super great! I even bought a cute dress at Kohls for it bc my go to black maternity dress is too big and my non mat clothes are too small. So this is super flattering.. My tummy is popping but mostly due to fat not the kid inside who is only 3 inches tall.. Can't wait to go to CO!! WHOHOO!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's super official... we are Pregnant!

That is right friends and family that are not yet aware, we are 12 weeks pregnant today. I know the time to hold off on telling everyone is like 14 weeks bc of possible miscarriage but I feel okay in this decision.

So if you don't know, my last pregnancy was horrible. I disliked almost all of it. Yeah, obviously the outcome is worth it but why can't I just have a slightly more friendly pregnancy. I was super optimistic (okay I wasn't) that this time around I would not be as sick, but so far, not so good. I have gotten sick 6 out of 7 days a week including the days I take a nice little prescribed pill to help me not puke. It is horrible. It is acid and the water I drank through the night in the mornings and my dinner at nights. Really?? Oh and the heartburn is crazy bad early this time around too.. and I get up at least 2 times per night to go to the bathroom.. and the tiredness..

Enough venting.. we are super excited to welcome Baby Bjoin #2 to the world and our family!! Man I hope it is a girl!! We are undecided about having 2 or 3 children... so we will see what the cards hold. I should know the gender in like 6-8 weeks. I will share at that time..
Until than - feel free to send happy healthy vibes our way!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We just got back from a short but fun trip to San Diego. My hubby is from there so we went to visit some friends we have been wanting to go see for the 3 1/2 years we have lived here. We left after waking up on Sunday and just chatted outside in the beautifully mild CA weather. Than had some great pizza for dinner at a local place. I always like to eat somewhere unique to the area when traveling.. I can have Pizza Hut here.. you know what I mean?
Monday after Austin's morning nap we headed to the zoo for about 4 hours. LOTS OF WALKING. I was struggling a bit because I have this pain that shoots in my belly every time I take a step.. but it is sporadic. So sometimes I feel it all day and other days, nothing. It is in the place where I got an infection after my c-section.. I asked the nurse about it at my last appt but she said it is most likely a pinched nerve or something. LAME. But the zoo was great! Austin seemed more interested in the people than the animals but still a good experience for all of us and a good little work out for mama-bear.
Than we went over to J's family friends the Williams. We were staying with their oldest son who was also a groomsman in our wedding.. so really good fam friends of J and his family. LOVE THEM!! They are the nicest most hospitable people on the planet. We had some great grilled food and conversation.
Tuesday.. after Austins morning nap we went to the beach for just over an hour. It was so nice out but J was getting annoyed that A was trying to eat the sand. But A did really well over all and loved playing in the sand.. trying to put it in his buckets. Than dinner with more friends of J's at a Mexican place. Normally I have a hard time eating this stuff but it was all safe for me (spice is the devil) so I ate a lot.. too much.. I got sick after because I over ate.. Oh well..
Went to bed early bc I didn't feel good and we got up and left by 8am on Wednesday Morning.. So a great trip..

Next up - Montana to see J's parents and Grandma Fran!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Play Gyms for Babies

Now you all know about those play gyms for babies and little children right? Well we got our fill this weekend!

Yesterday my friend signed us up for a FREE class in Chandler. Super nice of her! It was really cool. They kept moving around the different pads and slides etc.. every like 5 minutes into a new space for the little ones to roam and play. We did some circle time with songs and play, along with swing and jump on a little trampoline.
Today my friend's daughter turned the big 1 year old and her party was at a different play gym in Gilbert. Similar in the concept but not nearly as much stuff going on.

Okay - so you would think my adventurous outgoing son would be all over this.. and he was but only with the balls! He LOVES balls. I mean, we could be anywhere and if there is a ball there, than we won't need any other form of entertainment. Every time we were to get in a circle with our little ones.. he wanted nothing to do with me or the circle, just hunting down that ball, throwing it and chasing it of coarse.

Now I could go to one of these fun interactive play gyms and pay $75 for 4 weeks (1 50 min class per week). that is almost $20 a class.. Well Austin, sorry, but Mama bear doesn't feel it is quite yet worth it for you to go to a class for that much money where all you want to do is push around a ball. Mama has LOTS OF BALLs at the house.. gifts from friends and others we have collected.. so I think we will stick with the play gym that is your home!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Step

That is right folks! My little man has finally done something I NEVER thought he would attempt (at least this month), he took a step without holding onto anything! It was quite shocking as he has not really been interested in walking or standing up on his own. Now he can push a toy and walk all day long, but remove the toy and he sits right now. Its been like that for months!
In his horoscope it said the little Cancer that he is, tends to need to feel secure and not to expect him to walk for some time after his first b-day.. So we will see... So far this seems to be holding true. He is just really into holding something, anything, to the point of annoyance. But now I can see the light!
So this is how it went down.
He was holding onto the couch - where I was sitting - and he threw his toy a few feet to his left towards the elliptical. He turned, facing toy(and elliptical) and let go of the couch. So he is standing on his own for a couple seconds - this too is an accomplishment and rarity. Than he takes a conscious step towards his toy, turns back at me smiles and sits down. REALLY!! Freaking Awesome. He has done it 2 more times since.. similar scenario. This all happened on Wednesday of this week. He did it one more time that day and my friend Karla and Eli were over and saw it.. so I have a witness. Than he did it again at Eli's 1st birthday party. I tried for a picture but was unsuccessful.

It is only a matter of time now - Let the games begin!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poopfest 2010

Oh yes, if you are a parent than you know that babies can poop so much and so violently that it comes shooting out of their pants. Or maybe you are not a parent and have had this happen to you after too many margs and bean dip one night. Whatever the reason, whether it is something they eat or drink, this shit happens!

This has NEVER happened to us in 1 whole year of life until this past Tuesday morning. It was my turn to get some extra ZZZ's - I did get up for his 2am feeding - so Justin took over at 5:30am when the man woke up ready to start his day. I hear some crying as I normally do when A is in Justin's care but continue to sleep. At around 7:30am, J yells "Tracie, I really need your help right now!" Well this is rare, so I jump up and come out of our bedroom. Austin is in his ducky themed bathroom tub with poop ALL OVER. All over him, his clothes and now the tub. J is a bit squeamish about pooh and I was like, get over it J you need to help me.

I take off his clothes and put in the sink. Next I grab a plastic trash bag and put the extremely full diaper in it, hand it to J to set down. He looks nauseous. I turn the water on and hose my baby boy off and than hold him up while J wipes down the tub to get all the feces down the drain so we can properly bath our son. I continue to take the lead and completely scrub him down with 3 times the amount of soap I normally use. Good thing I went and recently bought some cheaper stuff! It was all over his back, arms, legs, hands.. so freaking gross. He is all clean and we dry off and put on a new and ready to catch it all diaper. J dresses him while I rinse out his clothes. Suddenly I get nauseous myself due to the stench, but being the women I am, I shake it off and finish the job.
Next up, the downstairs. Oh yes, it wasn't over yet. The little man got poop all over the carpet/rug, some toys, his book (one of my favs), the tv remotes and the tile floor. I move all toys to the kitchen sink and throw the book away. That wouldn't come off the paper ends of the pages. Tear. J starts to wash/wipe down the remotes and I clean the tile several times and begin on the carpet. OMG - it was so think as if he wasn't wearing a diaper. I mean, holy shit kid! - no pun intended - what a lot of poop! I get out most of it using hot water (in a bucket), an old sponge and paper towels. Than we whip out the carpet cleaner machine. Since we borrowed this out to a couple of my dog owning friends, it was full of dog hair and wasn't working. So we unscrew it, take it apart and wash out the best we can. Still it isn't working and I get a lecture on how I shouldn't borrow my friends our stuff. Okay Justin.. lame-o! Than I was like, lets try the attachment piece to see if that still works. The waters wasn't coming out. So I keep trying and put it up to my face and push the button - GUESS WHAT?? It works NOW!! Soapy Water right into the eyes. J has to guide my blind butt to the sink to rinse it out. So he gets to work to make sure it is all gone. Than we try the main piece again and to our delight it begins to work again like it used to.. So we clean it some more. I clean up the toys and all is done and clean.

We placed Austin in his high chair during this process.. but it became his nap time so he was down while we finished the job and the carpet dried.
So much poop. Now what is even more interesting.. He pooped 2 times the day before and normally he only goes once. AND - he had 2, yes TWO more Big Ole poops that same day for a total of 3 poops - but really we should count the first one as like 5. So 5plus 2 is like 7 poops that day!! SERIOUSLY??
Good times at the Bjoin household. I am just Thankful that this explosion did not occur the day before as we were staying in a hotel. That could have been tragic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We have a Toddler!

Yep, its true, Austin is officially a Toddler now!!
Austin turned 1 whopping year old on June 23rd. We do anything but play a LOT that day. We had his yellow and blue rubber ducky themed party on the following Sunday. I worked my butt off leading up to the event to do a couple things to prep for the event in the days leading up to Sunday.
J's mom was going to fly to Vegas and pick up Marcy and Lindsey (A's aunt and new cousin) but due to some terrible news - Grandma Fran had a stroke and fell the night before the flight- she was not able to make it out to visit us. That made me sad for several obvious reasons. 1. Grandma Fran - hope she recovers soon 2. I was so looking forward to seeing my in-laws and that beautiful baby girl!!
But I took on a project and decided to make all the treats from scratch. I made little yellow ducky chocolate molds (thanks Karla who borrowed me the molds), I made 2 batches of sugar cookies in which I dyed sugar yellow orange and blue (for the bubble cookies) and than dyed home made frosting and decorated them all on top of the sugar used. I also made these cupcakes that looked like actual rubber duckies! I bought this great book that showed me how to do it. It was great and they turned out really well. I even carved out a ducky shaped cake just for Austin to dig into.
Go Me!! Pics of event are on facebook.
We had his 1 year appt and shots on Friday and that afternoon the fever started. My poor baby was so out of it all Saturday and just wanted me to hold him. I was nervous but the next morning he slept in and the fever was gone! WHOHOO!! that would have sucked for his party.
Now - we had to get blood work and it came back irregular!! I know, scary. So we had to get more blood work and the doc told us we should get a blood allergy test at the same time since we were already there. Well the girl drawing blood couldn't find his vein and just kept poking and re-poking him and had to try both arms. He still has little bruises from that.. THAT SUCKED!
Than on Thursday this past week we had his ENT appt that we waited 7 weeks for.. I know.. super long. The doc thinks that the problem causing his continuous sinus and ear infections may be enlarged adenoids. We went to get an X-ray and since A is 1 and unruly now, we had to put him in this plastic tube thing that wasn't the right size for him and it was like watching my child suffer in a torture device. I almost cried as I held his arms which were awkwardly poking through a small space. I just told her that she needed to hurry up and the 1st pic worked so we got my screaming Austin out of the device. SERIOUSLY? Is there nothing else out there that is for these type of pics and for 1 yr olds?? I mean technology is amazing.. lets work on this smart people!
On Friday I got a call back from my pedi and the results were in on his allergy and blood test. Okay so the original irregular red blood cells were now regular so no anemia. YAY!! But he is allergic to Milk (which we pretty much knew), and also .. Egg Whites, Soy Beans and Wheat. WHAT?? but he drinks soy formula!! Allergies are scaled 0-5, 5 being the worse. He is a 5 for milk and eggs and a 3 for soy and wheat. She thinks that is why he has been able to handle that formula.. but now knowing it is bad for him, what am I supposed to give him? Now we must make yet another doc appt for a new doctor - Pediatric Allergist. So I will have to call now and get that appt scheduled. UGH! my poor baby.

But we are lucky to have such a happy adventurous baby/toddler boy!! He just figured out how to open cupboards and take stuff out. But he organized it by size or color and than puts it back most of the time. So funny!! He has been clapping and for like 2 weeks straight he just said "HI" to everyone, pointed and waved.. but that has seemed to pass. He can also say ball now. The worse toddler-ness we are now experiencing is his tantrums and separation anxiety. It is sort of funny how upset he gets and how quickly it happens.. But dealing with it. He isn't walking yet but sometimes he will have a toy in each hand and be standing up without holding on... than realize it and sit down or hold on again. He is hilarious. He can walk great, while holding a toy. So who knows when he will want to actually learn to walk on his own. He is also a big climber now and can climb up onto our upstairs couch without any help. So FUNNY!

That is my baby!! Sorry, my Toddler!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

good trip


Long time no talk. Hehehe
Well, we went on a week trip to Bend, Oregon where we went for my mom's 60th birthday celebration. My mom flew here first on Wed. We had fun shoppoing all day Thursday and my mom came to watch me play dodgeball where I got hit pretty hard aquiring 3 huge bruises on my legs. I also got hit in the face and even my mom got hit by a ball. UGH!

My brother bought a house in Bend so we were able to finally see it. It is such a nice house.. good job bro. My sis and her family drove there from CO so it was a lot of fun all being together and not during Christmas. hehe

We did LOTS of outdoor stuff, to the point where Justin was very annoyed. It was good though.. we did some minor hiking (I can't really hike well - due to my asthma) and went for a bike ride, checked out a great waterfall and some really yummy restaurants. Good times!!

My mom said it was her best birthday ever. Success!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My growing boy

Well Austin has learned how to clap. Last night he just started doing it all on his own.. amazing! Now he loves to clap. :)
He also just figured out how to really chew his food. Yesterday I gave him all kinds of new "grown up" foods. I am super happy to report that he did not break out into hives however my Benedryl was close by. He is just doing so well. I love watching him grow and develop

We had a fun play date today with his friend Aric who is 14months and walking all over. They played so well alongside each other..I am so happy to see how well he acts and behaves around other babies. Just proud of my baby. Oh and Aric climbed the stairs for the first time. So Great!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My growing boy

Austin has been a very hungry little boy. He has been taking an extra bottle for several weeks now, with only a 4 day break in between. What this means is that instead of four 7-8ounce bottles a day he is taking 5, with the 5th one at night. IT IS KILLING ME!
I so badly would like my child to sleep through the night again. However he has gained 2 pounds in that time frame, so that is good. He is around 21 pounds now with his 11 months approaching this Sunday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

Here is A going through his downstairs changing table. Pulling all the clothes out AGAIN!

Here he is climbing up onto the dishwasher for the first time. So hard to put dishes aways sometimes.

Here he is, first time in the water/pool!! It was lots of fun!

Here he is with his new little cousin Lindsey. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pre-Baby Weight!!

If you have had children, you know that hitting your pre-baby weight is a HUGE accomplishment. Now some mommies are super lucky and lose it right away with breastfeeding or the luck of God and genetics... I am not one of those people.
After A came out I only lost like 3 lbs - well he was 8lbs so how did that happen??
Because I had a C-section they were pumping me full of salt water therefore I was retaining a ton of it for quite some time. I had so much water in me that most all my fingers were numb because of it. I wasn't even able to feel my baby with my fingers but used the backs of my hands to feel his skin. It made me cry.
After 2 weeks being home, I lost 30 of my 63lb weight gain. I was pumped but still "big". I started to work out more, joined dodgeball again, joined a softball team near our new house. I would get on the elliptical more, started going to a bootcamp once a week and tried to watch what I was eating more. Than after I stopped breastfeeding at 4 months (Austin was reacting very badly to my milk) I started back up on Jenny Craig and lost another 10lbs over the coarse of 8 weeks or so.
After losing my job I quit Jenny Craig bc the location was by my work but no where near my house.
Recently I got onto Medifast (sister company of JC) in which my step-mom recommended. I dropped 10 pounds in a week!! Than bc of a few trips I gained back a couple pounds but am now back on it and officially at my pre-baby weight!! I can't freaking believe it!! I am so happy!!
NEW GOAL - 10 more pounds or 170lb which is my wedding weight.
My belly is still bigger than before because most of my clothes still don't fit, but I am so freaking close I can taste it! I just need to stick with this and keep my workouts up, I know it helps. I am so happy and can't wait to wear all my clothes again, well for a month at least, since we are going to try and get pg again in a few months! hehe

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Official Mother's Day

Well, I am officially a mother and therefore I get to have another day all about me (and other mothers)!! WHOHOO to holidays!!
Last year I got NOTHING from my hubby even though I was weeks from bringing his child into the world and all my attempts to tell him I wanted him to do something, anything. He did not.
This year - we celebrated his birthday the night before (sat) with some poker, grilling and friends.. lots of fun. I got sick before going to bed so you know I had fun.
Justin got up with Austin at 6am when he woke up and fed him, so I could sleep, which I love to do. Than I wake up and J is in the door. All of a sudden I see a balloon slowly moving into the room, it was attached to my crawling baby's bum. He crawled all the way to me in bed where he was super happy hugging and loving me. It was great. I also got a great card (from my baby) with his hand and sort of foot prints on it. How cute it that!! I also got a plant of my fav flowers, yellow daisies. It was very nice! We didn't do anything that day and I just grilled lunch and dinner. We didn't really want to go out and deal with all the people. So we never changed out of our PJ's and just hung out all day.
He did it all by himself on the first try! J was in front of him with his hands by his bum in case he fell back but the never did, he went up all 8 stairs with no problem. HOW AMAZING is that??!!?

So it was a great Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Insurance Companies

OMG - I am so angry at you Insurance Companies. I pay you, I accept you, but all you do is try to screw me. I am not even apart of one of you anymore and you are still screwing me. When you get a bill sent to you for a service performed in which you are REQUIRED to pay under our contract, you should look at the bill, write a check and send it to the address listed and by the time allotted. I do not think this is really asking too much of you, but I am wrong.
When you send this small amount of money - $381.27 - you don't send it to the right place. Well they cashed it and the people due money never got it. They bill me, I call them and we call You, Insurance Company, and you claim you are going to re-issue to the correct address.
Fast forward 8 months from the time of service and 3 conversations later, YOU still have NOT sent the money to the right place.
PLEASE send them the money they are due and get me out of the collections I am now in due to you. I did my job, I paid you. NOW DO YOURS!
Thank you,
Angry Ex-Customer

Monday, April 26, 2010

NE trip

Well Austin and I went to Nebraska to visit my mommy this past week. Overall it was great. But we had some interesting experiences and some traumatic ones.
Wed we flew in the morning. I bought a new carry-on bag and my sis convinced me to get a hard case one, yeah, my concerns were validated because IT DOESN'T FIT INTO THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT!! I was pissed!! So they checked it for free, thanks Allegiant, love you guys! My aunt picked me up, my mom got home from work and we went to Applebees for a late lunch/early dinner. I barely ate anything but was so full, since I have been dieting it was hard to eat food again. We went to bed early.
Thursday, A and I went for a walk and got some balloons for my dad - as it was his 60th birthday that day. Than we went to his office at lunch time to say hello and give his balloons and card. Than to their house to visit with Bobbi for an hour. My home and cousin Casie drove in from Omaha to hang out. Than we went to dinner at this new BBQ place by my house. My friend and her 2 small girls joined us. HORRIBLE Experience. So we finally get seated after the people who came in after us got seated first - and I said something to the hostesses. We are chatting finally get our order in at 20 till 8pm. Forty minutes go by and still no food. We have 3 children under 4 yrs old getting very upset along with 5 adults! Our server doesn't know why are food isn't at our table as the kitchen claims they made it already. SO we ask for the manager. She doesn't want to talk to us. Than she bluntly avoids our table so we go to her and have a little conversation. She was a total BITCH and is blaming our server. I am like, regardless what are we going to do about it. My friend, her hubby and 2 girls leave without any food. They finally give us food all boxed up and some gift certificates, at 9:00pm! We than completely rip the Manager a New A-Hole because she was handling this situation so badly. She never apologized and just kept blaming the server who is totally crying to us. So the next morning we called the General Manager and told him the hole story. THIS MANAGER was really BAD!
Than we went out with my friend Tom and had a Great time.
Friday - Austin fell off my mom's bed! I was sitting right next to him and had my arm there but I was looking at the computer and he dropped his toy, than leaped over my arm. He wasn't hurt but we both cried!! It sucked! Mom got off at noon and we ate at Godfathers than did some running around including stopping at a couple garage sales. It was so fun, I miss my mama so much sometimes. That night I went out to karaoke with my friends Tom, Jen and her sis, their boyfriends and her parents and their friends. Several other friends weren't able to come, so I was super disapointed and didn't know if I was even going out anymore, but it all worked out.
Saturday - up, packed and off to airport. After going through security I set Austin in his stroller and didn't strap him in. I grabbed my bags adn pushed the stroller foward about 3 feet and he slipped out the bottom onto the floor! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!! How did that happen that fast!! I didn't even go anywhere!! And totally in front of everyone, I felt like such a horrible parent!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Still Sick

Yep, Austin is still sick. We determined (the pedi and I) that it was the antibiotics he was on for his sinus and ear infection. So last night I gave him a dose of it and within minutes came up all the food he had still in his belly from that day. He got sick again at 10:45pm (he woke up). He woke up again at 2:45am and it appeared he was ready to eat. So he had most of a bottle than drifted back to sleep. I sat up with him for 20 min to make sure he wouldn't puke it up. He coughed several times and seemed okay so I put him back down at 3:15am or so. He woke up at 5:45am and when I picked him up, he was covered in formula vomit. I don't know how I missed this but thank goodness he didn't choke on it, he does sleep on his side and belly a lot.
Today he is very upset in general. He wants me to hold him more than normal and continues to whine and moan in pain, and it KILLS me because I can't give him anything to help. He still has the infections and his teeth are still pushing through but the pedi doesn't want me to give him anything, not even teething tablets. SO we have an appt on Monday to see how he is doing. SUCKS! I just want him to be happy and better.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vomitting Baby

OMG - Austin was so sick today. He has never been sick like this, not ever! He started the day well by sleeping good last night. Than he didn't want to eat all of his bottle. So that was odd. Than he played but not with the same happiness he normally does. We went outside and I put our new patio table together as he sat and watched on the turf with some toys. Than I fed him some solids but he wasn't interested in those much either but ate some.
He took his normal nap at 8:30am and I got my workout in. He woke and just seemed like he wanted me to hold him all the time. This is not normal - he likes his independence even when I want to hold him, he wants to roam. I had him up in the loft play area - gated off - and did some laundry upstairs. Than the new exercise equipment was here and getting delivered. He seemed like he was in pain so I gave him some Baby Tylenol and teething tablets. I tried to feed him but he only ate an ounce. I put in the fridge and tried 30 min later. He ate a little bit more, cried and began the MAJOR VOMITING! All over him and me but I caught all of it because I had the recliner up on the couch chair. So I soaked it all up and took him upstairs. I gave him a little bath, put on new clothes and changed myself. He than fell asleep on me almost instantly. He usually doesn't nap for another 2 hours. So it was rough on me to see him like this.
I thought it was over but I was wrong. He started puking just as I was making him another bottle. And it just kept happening from that point on. IT SUCKED.
We went to the doc and she said he has so much mucus in his throat from the drainage of the sinus infection that it is causing the vomiting. She also thought it could be from his antibiotics or possibly a virus going around. So no more attempts at formula today or solids, no meds of any kind. He can have Pedylite and that is it.
We got home and I tried an ounce and a half and he downed it, wanted more. So I gave him some more than some more - and in like 30 seconds after he finished the last go at it, he just puked that all up too! So we changed again!
He took another nap and was very cuddly until we put him to bed at an incline at 7:20pm. So that was my day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Traumatic Week

Austin hasn't had the best week, nor has his mama.

1. Austin ate dirt. I was watering our shrubs/trees and watching him but he all of a sudden was chewing on something. So I run over and he has a clump of dirt in his hand and I use my finger to swab his mouth to find more little clumps! He didn't even seem to dislike it. Now if only peas could taste like dirt....
2. Austin fell in the tub. He was trying to stand up to get close to me as I was going through his flashcards and he slipped. I dropped the cards and tried to grab him, but he was so slippery and moving because, yeah, he was drowning. I got him as he was completely under water splashing all around and he coughed up some water and his eyes were all red. But he was fine and the whole thing was like a total of 2-3 seconds.. but still - HOW TRAUMATIC FOR HIS MAMA!!! Here is a pic in his little ducky rob after the ordeal - see, he recovers very quickly.

3. Bad sleep! He has been waking up for like 2-3 hours at a time at night because his new teeth are bothering him so much. Tired baby and tired mama and papa.
He was so tired that he fell asleep coming home from dodgeball and just never woke up! Sleepy little man.

4. TWO NEW TEETH! He has one of his top teeth has broken through and the other is oh so close - I can see the white under the gums, so I know we are close. But this has been causing a lot of pain for Austin during the days and nights. Thank Goodness for teething tablets!
5. Austin is sick with Sinusitis and an ear infection. He hasn't been as happy and his nose has been running non-stop for a very long time now. He started to cough really really bad the last few nights. I waited a couple days to make sure it wasn't a one time thing than took him to see the Pedi yesterday. She said that it was perfect timing because he has a chronic sinus infection and an ear infection. She said that if I would have brought him in the day before she probably wouldn't have seen the ear infection and not treated it properly. If I had waited another day it could have meant a VERY ANGRY BABY! So Go Mama! But he is waking up in pain a couple time a night from the teething and the ear infection I assume. Now after only 1 dose of antibiotics (which he will be taking twice a day for 14 days) he did not cough at all last night! THANK THE LORD! I would have to go in and sit him up so the coughing would subside temporarily.. so no coughing makes for a happier baby and mama.

That is our week! Poor little man! But he still smiles all the time, Lucky Mama!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dirty Thirties! Thank you!

OMG - I am now 30 freaking years old. But I couldn't have celebrated it any better!
It started with my sister flying in from CO for the occasion on Thursday. We did a little shopping at IKEA (I got new curtains for 1 guest bedroom) and Buy Buy Baby (got a couple things for A). Her luggage didn't make it with her so we needed to kill a few hours and we were finally able to pick it up 5 hours or so later.
Friday - we cleaned, prepped and make lots of food, got groceries and some other items. Those items - a new guest suite mattress (great deal - and your welcome upcoming guests), a sewing machine (I am from NE, we all know how to sew), a TV stand for the new upstairs tv and lots of stuff for the party. LOTS OF MONEY SPENT ON FRIDAY - SORRY HONEY!
That night we went to karaoke. Even though there were only like 5 of us, we have a freaking blast and apparently I should be on American Idol according to the bar hoppers - too bad I aged out! UGH! hehe I got to sing 5 times and even see my step brother and his fiance -thanks for making the drive after work!

Saturday -Bed at 1am. Austin up at 2am, 4am, 4:40am and yeah, we just stayed up at that point.
We went garage sale shopping (got some GREAT DEALS), than to a farmers market, walmart again for stuff we missed on Friday and home right at 10am for our massages. If you need a massage - my girl will come to your house and she is way cheaper than anywhere else you can go, plus she is AMAZING! LOVE HER! oh and she is from NEBRASKA!
We busted our butts and cleaned, moved furniture, set it all outside and upstairs in the play loft area, made the rest of the food and got it all out, I made my own cake, cupcakes and brownies - so had to frosting those. It was ridiculous! But it all got done around 5pm - party started at 4:30pm.

LOTS of friends came who I haven't seen in like 6-12 months and we had a really good time. Justin grilled, my sister kept all the wonderful food (we had many compliments) filled and clean, everyone that tried it loved my special "tracie" drink now called Shooting Star, we had a sitter come and help watch all the little ones which really helped me out and hopefully my mommy friends and than around 8pm, just after I got Austin to bed - EVERYONE LEFT!!
I know!! Just as I was finally able to really have a drink and start talking to all my friends, everyone left!! I was a little bummed about that because I wasn't able to hang out and catch up with anyone really. So now I need to have another BBQ! hehe Joking!

But it was fun - and even though everyone left, my hubby's friends/co-workers came later and we all got to sit down and play poker together. We taught my sister how to play and got super drunk together. It was so fun! I passed out on the couch around 12:15am. I woke up to like 1 person still here than up to bed. My sister totally cleaned and put almost everything away for me last night too and she was tipsy. THANK YOU BRANDI! LOVE YOU!

It was wonderful and I thank all of my friends and family for giving me such a wonderful birthday. - OH and people brought me gifts!! I was actually really really shocked and grateful. Thank you EVERYONE!! Now we seriously need another party to use up all the new bottles of alcohol I was given! hehe

It is 9am on Easter - the morning after. Austin stayed asleep all night for the first time in 3 weeks! Happy Birthday Mommy! But he did wake up at 5am (that is fine) and I thought for sure my hubby would get him and feed him. Unfortunately, I am in way better shape than him and he got very sick shortly after that time. I actually felt fine - just tired so I fed my baby and we played. Everyone is still sleeping, including Austin (nap, it is 9:15am and we missed the first mass so we will go later. I am making a turkey (I don't know why I thought I would take that on after this party??) for dinner and will just relax most all day today. Easter pics to come in the next blog.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Austin's first booboo

Do you see it?? Do you see what my Husband allowed to happen during his "watch"?
I got home on Tuesday from getting my hair done (for my b-day I wanted to be more blond again) and he tells me the HORRIBLE - DREADFUL - UNIMAGINABLE news. Austin fell and must have hit his chin on a toy because it was bleeding after. WHAT??
It is okay - this kid is so active and always trying to stand up, crawl everywhere, that he falls all the time now. It was only a matter of time till some bleeding was to come of it.
So he got his first real booboo and I can tell it hurts him a little bit but he is a strong boy.

Austin is also now drinking out of a straw! He was going for my water when I was holding him so I put a straw in my cup and put it in his mouth. Instantly the water was flowing into A's mouth! GOOD WORK BABY!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting So Excited!

I am just super jazzed about a few things happening in my life right now.

One of the biggest is my 30th Birthday in a week and a half. With this, my sister is flying in for the event from Colorado and I couldn't be more excited to see her. I haven't seen her since we were both home in NE in July for A's baptism. She misses her nephew (and me of coarse) and just had to made the quick trip. YAY!
Another HUGE event - is the birth of our newest niece Lindsey. She will be born any day now (due date is April 12th) and Austin is SO Excited to meet his new baby cousin. Yes, I had to buy her another outfit recently - dang sales! hehe
And finally - the completion of our backyard is upon us. We have put in all the trees (2) and shrubs (12) and the solar lights, but still need to do some drainage fixing, drip system and the rock, but it is looking good! I don't think it will all get done for the party, but most of it so you will get the idea. I got the supplies to put in the horseshoe pits so I think that will happen this weekend and we will wait to do the drip and rock after my b-day BBQ! SO EXCITED!!

AND Austin is 9 months old today!! WHOHOO!! My big boy is so close to being a toddler - crazy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know - I have been slacking! I have been pretty busy so I am very sorry if you are one of my "many" followers and have been disappointed in anyway!

1. We have been in full force working on the back yard. We have the curbing in, the turf is in and now we have 1 tree and 5 shrubs planted. We have some more to do - we need to get a lemon tree, some more shrubs (plant them), put in drip system and rock. It is still so much work and not sure if it will get done in time for my 30th B-day BBQ.

2. I am super pumped about my 30th. My sister Brandi is flying in from CO and going to help me with the party and spent time with her nephew (Austin). Friday night we have a sitter and going to karaoke with friends. Saturday we will chill than have a bunch of friends over for a family friendly BBQ where I will be making my special drinks "shooting star" and having fun! So excited!

3. Went out last night with my friend for a St. Patty's Day drink - super fun!

4. I got food poisening or something this past Monday and was puking and all that goes with that all day! It was horrible and I lost 4 lbs of fluids in 1 day. Don't worry, I managed to gain most of it back already. I was fine the next day.

5. Austin is growing like a freaking weed. He has officially grown out of his clothes that were gifts. So I finally had to go buy him some bigger onesies and some more pj's, shirts, shorts and pants. I have been trying to find stuff at garage sales with some luck but did have to go to the store too. He will be 9 months old on the 23rd.

6. Found an awesome children's wagon with an attached pc for a 3rd child for $5 at a garage sale this weekend. The weekend before I got the Laugh and Learn toy that is up higher and he uses it to stand up and plays - he loves it - for $5. So pumped! I love G-Sales.

7. Ausitn is crawling super fast and doesn't like to be confined to his baby jail/gated play area in the living room for very long. He is also so happy when he is standing. I am not sure when he will walk but I know he wants too. We still need to get the gates up. Soon!

That is about it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Mommy Friends

I am so freaking EXCITED! One of my mommy/neighbor friends, Karla, invited me to go with her to the Breastfeeding Support Group at the Gilbert Mercy Hospital with her. Now as you may or may not know, I had to stop giving my child breast milk due to his allergic reactions to it - finally at 5 months of age. So I wasn't sure if I was allowed to really go, but she said come and I went for it.
They had a guest speaker on how to help your choking baby/child and that was helpful. Apparently I do remember my previous CPR training so that was refreshing.
But I met the NICEST mamas ever!! Karla and Lauren (other neighborhood mommy friend who also goes to this group) are already super nice so to get to meet and hang out with their other friends was outstanding! They welcomed me in so freely, which is not very common with all people.
They were all talking about the one girl's child's 1st birthday party coming up this Saturday and than says, "well, I know you don't know me very well but do you want to come too?" I was like, are you sure? You don't have to invite me just because you are all talking about it, but SURE! I would love to!! I am so EXCITED!
NEXT the little group within the Support Group and I went to Costco (nearby) for lunch and to look around. It was so much fun!! The 5 of us all walking around together with our babies in strollers and carts.
SO THANK YOU KARLA for inviting me and THANK YOU to everyone else for being so inviting!! It really made my day! my week and probably my year!
See you all on Friday again - as I was invited to come back!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More G-Parents for Austin

My real dad and step mom just got here and are visiting until sunday! They now live in TX and haven't had a chance to meet Austin yet. I haven't seen them in a few years myself - since my grandma passed in July of 2008.
They had a rough trip here. They got buddy passes and were in the airport for a long time - from like 7am to 8pm when I picked them up. Sucks - don't use a buddy pass on Fridays people!
We don't have anything really planned but will go garage saling a bit this morning and hang out. Should be fun! WHOHOO!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turf Turf Baby

We decided - We are going to get the artificial turf for our backyard!! WHOHOO!
Our beautiful house has been lacking a huge component, a backyard with more than dirt and weeds. We decided we were going to use our tax return to put in a backyard so that Austin and I can easily go out and play everyday. The big debate came over whether to put in sod or artificial grass/turf.
The fake stuff is so nice nowadays with many advantages over real grass - #1 I am allergic to grass and Austin will probably be too.
Other huge advantages; J won't have to mow, no chemicals on lawn, won't have to seed twice a year, won't have to buy a mower, won't have to put in sprinklers and waste precious AZ water on a lawn, etc. But the cost is super ridiculous.
We think we got a great deal and it is going into the back in like a week and a half. I am so thrilled because Justin and I really looked at it, researched it and made the decision together. :)
My 30th Birthday is in a month and we are going to have a big BBQ at our house. Now we will have a nice backyard to show off at the same time. I am so excited!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Fussy Mussy and Top 10 Update

Well we have a little fussy mussy on our hands! He officially freaks out if he doesn't get want he wants or you take what he wants away - primarily tv controllers and adult phones. He is having these little fits where he arches his back and cries out, tossing and turning violently. It is actually kind of funny.
It is so interesting to see how his little attitude is emerging. He is also freaking out now when I put him in his car seat or lay him down to be changed and when I put his creams on (even more upset than previously)! UGH!!

WHAT TO DO?? I think I need to do some more reading on the topic. I did get Baby Wise 2 from a friend a week ago and need to open that up and read as well.

Other news:
1. He now has his 2 bottom teeth!
2. He turned 8 months old this past Tuesday the 23rd!

3. We finally got Your Baby Can Read in the mail and watched the instructional dvd and started him on the program last night. I think Justin is a believer in the program now and said that "if this works, it will be the best money we ever spent". :) I KNOW!!
4. Tomorrow - Friday - will be Austin's last day at daycare! I am sad that he won't get to play with his little friends their anymore and see his awesome sitter, Cece!! But it will be good to get in the new daily habit of having him here all day with me. I am excited and a little nervous. I have been trying to clean and organize like mad today while he is there.
5. We have all been sick since going to Vegas. Austin started it all!! hehe But his nose is running constantly, I have been sick, Justin has a sore throat, his mother, brother and cousin (all in Vegas with us) are all sick too!!
In Vegas

6. Our high chair's leg is broken so I called and they are sending in a new part today. (Marcy - I did not have to use your info, I just used mine and they are taking care of it. But thanks!)
8. Justin's mom is flying in Friday night - so excited to see her again and hang out. J and I may take up the free babysitter and go to dinner and out a bit Sat night, if we are feeling better.
9. My real dad and step mom are coming the following weekend to visit and see their grandson for the first time. I haven't seen them in a couple years either so that will be nice. It is a quick trip but anything is better than nothing!
10. And my last living grandparent, my grandma Fehringer is not doing so well right now. I just want her to be happy and not suffer, so I may be going back to NE soon for a funeral. It makes me sad.

I must stop, I really need to get back to cleaning and organizing this house. I hate the way it is and I still need to baby proof as A is on the freaking move all the time now!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vegas Baby - YEAH!!

Yep, we are heading to Las Vegas tomorrow morning as soon as we can function and get on the road. I am super duper excited.
The first reaction I received from everyone when sharing this news and excitement was, "fun, are you taking Austin?". They were confused because we are. But when you think of Vegas you think of the Strip, Gambling, Alcohol, Clubbing, Making out with the cutest boy from each bachelor party (a new party every night), More Alcohol and Shows. I now think of family.
Justin's brother and his wife live there so now my mindset is that we are going to see them. However I have done all of the above in other "fun friend" trips. Love you girls!
I spent all of today preparing, packing and loading the Tahoe. We are almost there and even though I am very tired due to my crying baby from 2-3:30am, up again for food at 5:30am, baby, I can't seem to want to go to sleep. It isn't even my shower and I am so freaking pumped I can't take it!!! YAY!!! WHOOHOO!! I am also excited because we are staying in a Casino (off strip) by their house and where the actual shower is taking place(apparently that is normal there). So J and I are are sort of taking a little mini family vacation together. SO EXCITED! I honestly am happy that I didn't buy anything else for the shower because the Tahoe is at its max!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Husband, Now Sit!

Justin did something he has never done before... wait for it.... He bought me a Valentines Day present and a CARD! WHOOHHOOOO!! I wondered if this day would (or could for that matter) ever come. But it did! I mentioned a couple times that I got him something but didn't think he would do it based on his belief that V-day is purely a commercial holiday. Our past arguments about this day were more along the lines of reasoning (on my part) that even if it is a commercial holiday, it is important to me. If something is important to me and you love me, it should be important to you to accept that.
He got me a funny talking Simpson's card, chocolates and a DVD of the Family Feud game!! He even got an Elmo book for Austin. Very sweet and it make my giant card and Mikes Ikes looks like nothing.

Today he finished our taxes than went in the garage and put together the wheel barrel we bought to help do our backyard in a few weeks. I had to assist him but he did most of it himself. I am more of the handy-man of the relationship so this was quite the accomplishment!! GO JUSTIN! I made him take this pic.

It even motivated me to clean out our garage, sweep, spray the cockroach prone spots and re-organize. :) It was a good Presidents Day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day - Update

Well Happy Valentines Day!! WHOHOO!! I hope you got a little something sweet thing morning like I did. Justin gave me a funny card (I don't like mooshy ones), some chocolates (not dark but still nice) a small watermelon (my fav food of all time) and a DVD of the Family Feud game. I have been watching it a lot. It is fun to watch and J likes it too, so it will be fun to play together. :) I got him an over sized funny card, referring to his nice bum, and his fav candy - Mikes Ikes. We have a friend's child's 2nd B-day party at 1pm today and going to make steaks for dinner. Good V-day! Oh and he even got Austin a cute Elmo book!! So sweet!

Austin's skin looks normal!! I have never seen his skin look like this, ever. It is super soft and this light skin color - not redish. I am shocked, amazed and extremely relieved and delighted. It only took a couple days of the right meds to do the trick! YAY!!!!
Austin had his first tooth break through the skin on Friday as well. It is his bottom one and the other way down there is trying to make its way out. He now enjoys getting those teething tablets as he is realizing they are bringing him some relief. I can't wait till he can try some big boy foods - so exciting.
Austin is also now on the move. He has mastered the Army crawl and can go so far so quick. I finally recorded some of it yesterday. He will get up on all 4's and try to do the traditional crawl but than goes back to using mostly his upper body to pull himself around. It is so cute and crazy! I really need to baby proof!!
Yesterday I helped my friend Tina with her garage sale. OMG - She had a TON of stuff to get rid of. I am so glad I convinced her to have a sale and not just goodwill it all. I am all for goodwill, but there was so much and it was all so nice. I just can't imagine not trying to get some of it back. So she had like 4 big totes of baby girl clothes. SO NICE too!! A few people came and wiped her out taking the totes, not even going through it. She gave me all her maternity clothes because my Beautiful SIL is pg and they are the same size. It is over 100 pcs of extremely nice mat clothes. So expensive, I just can't believe how much she had. I had like 4 pair of pants and 6 or 7 tops - total! I did pull out a few of the baby clothes for their little girl - stuff I know is super expensive and will help out later. I would have pulled more but seriously, I didn't have time. But she did really well and her goodwill pile was pretty small. I would say she sold 85% of everything. I even took some other stuff, baby books, a diaper genie, a boys jacket for A for next year, hats/mittens, and some breastfeeding supplies. SO excited to take it all to Marcy(SIL)!!

That is it for the update! Have a great day/weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


At first I was pronouncing and spelling it incorrectly, but have it down now, after lots of research on the topic.
Eczema is a rash that develops on the skin. In infants and small children asthma and allergies come through as eczema. Austin's body is covered, literally his entire body, with Eczema. From the scabby red patches on his head and limbs, to the red bumps all over his chest, back and sides to the more recent (1month) thing happening to his little baby package. The pedi gave us yeast medication for that but it was NOT working after 2 weeks, 4 excruciating applications a day, later and just appeared to actually get worse. On Tuesday night, I made an executive decision to try putting the 1% hydro-cortisone cream on his "area" instead of the prescribed yeast/anti-fungal cream and it was less red the next morning. Also A's desired to pull the crap out of it decreased oh so slightly.
Why did I try a different cream on Tuesday night? During his bath, he attacked his "area" again. I tried to stop him as much as I could but I only have 2 hands (my hubby's 2 hands were busy trying to win another video game battle) so I wasn't able to keep him from going at it. I quickly took him out of the bath - no play time when that is what he wants to play/grab with. I was drying him off and there it was, BLOOD! He freaking made himself bleed. I began to tear up (as I am doing now while typing this) because he is SO MISERABLE! How can I make it better, I have to try something else and I just can't wait any longer (till Thursday Morning). I am so glad I tried it.

Today I took A into a pediatric dermatologist to examine him because his pediatrician advised us to. He isn't getting better with age, but worse. I have a family and personal history of severe asthma and allergies. If you know me (and if you are reading this, you do know me), I am allergic to basically EVERYTHING! Do you know how much it sucks to itch all the time, every single day? To not be able to breath going up the stairs in my home at times? It sucks and to have passed this horrible disease to my first baby boy, it just makes me sick. It is the one thing I prayed for the most while being pregnant. "Please God, do not let this little boy suffer as I have." But nope, he is suffering. The doctor (and her 3, yes 3 assistants) all commented on how happy of a baby he was knowing how miserable and itchy he was all the time. I am blessed to have such a happy baby and yes, it could be so much worse. I am thankful for his general good health.

I was told that he will grow out of it and was given 3 new prescriptions. Okay well 2 are the same things we are already using but in slightly stronger doses. Plus an antihistamine for night time. It is supposed to be more effective and last longer than the Benedryl we were giving him. I will continue to lube up my baby from head to toe in his 2 medicated creams and his super thick lotion/Vaseline 2 times everyday. He cries and screams and hits me every single minute during those little sessions that last about 20 minutes each, but I will stay strong and continue to work on his little body until it is better. The doc was confident that this will all clear up in 2 weeks, but if history is any indicator, I will be doing this for a very long time.
Why couldn't Justin's genes come in to play more here? Seriously, lets go J's little chromosomes!! Dominate!!

I hope A gets better soon, I really do but it is hard to be optimistic every time he screams at me because he hurts. OH and it doesn't help that his 2 bottom teeth are breaking through right now. That is another blog post for another time.

We have a crawler!

On Tuesday night after Austin's bath, I had him on the floor playing in his nursery while I was picking up some things in his room. A new fav toy of his, little blue squeaky football player my dad gave me before he knew I was going to be a girl, was just out of his reach. He got up on all 4 (hands and knees) and went two steps to get to it (steps with knees). I started Screaming so naturally Justin came upstairs. But he is pulling his whole body with his hands/elbows around the floor now.

This all started about a week ago, he is freaking on the move people. Yesterday (Wed) he went from sitting facing his little house toy, to on his belly facing the opposite direction and through the door of the toy, to the other side of the red rug where are weights are than all the way over onto the tile floor next to the elliptical. It was like 10 feet!! He did this in less than 10 minutes as I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes/bottles. I check on him a lot and that is the progress he was making each check! Isn't that AMAZING??

Friday, February 5, 2010

Babies Toys - sort of a Rip Off

Austin is 7 months now and he loves his toys! He is a boy after all and even big boys (Justin) loves their toys (TV, Receiver/Speakers, Computers etc), so I should have known. I do not want my first born baby boy to go without something, but holly smokes, these things can get expensive.

Here is Austin in his 7 month photo

Luckily I have purchased most of his toys at garage sales! I have saved so much money, that it is unfair to others. GO ME! I have purchased a few toys/baby tools at the store but have always had a coupon good for 15 or 20% off. And A has received some toys from his Grandparents. OH I love the grandparents.
There is one toy, in particular, that I just knew Austin would love. But it was like $70! Well it was on sale and I had a coupon. I went to buy it when my MIL Ann was in town and she wanted to buy it for him! I LOVE ANN! Of course I gave her the coupon so she wouldn't spend as much and it was his big X-Mass present.
Fast forward like 2 1/2 months, I finally open the box to the Laugh & Learn House toy. I spent over an hour one Saturday afternoon putting it all together. I was so proud of myself as I am the more "handy" one in our household. Justin got home from work and I couldn't wait to show him and put some batteries in it to show it off. Of course he was impressed with my building (reading directions) skills. I open the little battery compartment and something is wrong. SOMETHING IS MISSING!! WHY WON'T THIS FREAKING PIECE OF CRAP WORK!?!
Okay, you know the little wire spring thing in all battery compartments, well this one was missing one of those. That is what holds the battery in place and connects it all so it will work. YEAH, this one was missing therefore it DID NOT WORK! Justin, being an engineer thought he could rig it up to work, but he was not quite getting it. I was so disappointed. Due to J's extreme passive ways, he did not want me to return it for a working toy but wanted to try and fix it himself. Yeah, that wasn't going to fly with me.
The next day I called the manager of BRU (Babies R Us) and he said I could exchange it. Luckily I called before hand because the girl at the counter looked at me as if I was asking for her first born. I got the new one and quickly put it together as I remembered all the steps. I was pumped, my baby now has his super expensive toy G-Ma Ann got him for X-mass!! WHOOHOO and it Works! I also bought A a little jeep walker and put it together that day too. Seriously, I am so handy. :)

Here is A playing with his new "working" toy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Softball Success!

Before I got pregnant I played on 2 softball teams. I loved my teammates and the game and I would like to say I was pretty good. I actually can hit and run home runs, oh and I am a girl! hehe
Well my former teams were not signing up so I put my name in for a Queen Creek team and got put on a team. I live by/in QC so this is very nice, I do not have to drive more than 5 minutes to my games.
I have not been playing that great and my hitting has been horrific! Well, last night I finally hit the ball pretty well!! I got on base every time at bat except for one strike out. Keep in mind we play 2 games back to back. When I was running into home plate the first time, I hit the base and my cleats skid across it, I took a few crazy steps and tumbled to the ground. I was told it was very graceful but my knees are really mad at me now. The left knee I banged up every single game and it really bled on my last night. BOOO! But I was safe.
So here is the craziest inning! I was up at bat and hit a Triple!! I ran in and one girl needed a runner (she is preggers). I run in again and another girl needs a runner right away because she had a surgery a week ago and wasn't up to running the bases yet. I am on third and the guy at bat is the one before me in the line up, meaning I am up next. Luckily he hit well and I was able to run into home. I grab my bat immediately and hit a HOME RUN! It was so much running and everyone was laughing about it. That along with boot camp in the morning yesterday, I totally burned some calories.
A couple of us went to the bar for a beer after as well, it was a good night!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Baby Socks: FOUND!

About a week and a half ago I lost 2 of A's socks, one each from 2 pairs. I was annoyed but knew they would show up. Fast forward to 4 days ago, I lose another 2 socks. That is now 4 single socks missing their mates.
I looked every freaking where. I even whipped out a flashlight and sent under and through our amazingly comfortable couches. I went through all his toys, his changing table, his clean clothes, there were no dirty clothes as I had just washed them all, through all the rooms, even the adult laundry... NOTHING!
Today, my first official day home as a Stay At Home Mommy, I had an epiphany. What if they got caught in the dryer thingy. So as I put in some wet clean clothes I looked with excitement. NOTHING! WAIT - another epiphany. What about the washer. I have a front loader and there is this rubber piece in which I have found one of my own missing socks in previously. Sure enough, all 4 different colored baby socks where there!! WHOHOO!!
I put them in the next load of laundry and now I will have all socks back in my possession. It is all about the little victories.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your Baby Can Read

I did it, I gave in and bought this freaking program off the tv this morning at 5:30am. It just really seems like it could help Austin. I hated to read growing up and still am not a huge fan. Justin loves to read, so really A has a 50/50 chance of liking it as well with out the program. BUT WHY NOT! I am home now and will have the time to really work with him on this.
See, I am already on a new path! They aren't really that expensive and not only will I use them for Austin, but any future babies and of course I will be borrowing them to my new niece to be - Lindsey Bjoin - J's brother and his wife are due in April. I am so freaking excited about that. We are going to share some stuff so that way they won't have to buy a bunch of baby crap that will only be used 5-15 times by each child. It's so true! Austin used to LOVE his Bumbo chairs and now he doesn't stay in them long because he wants to try and crawl everywhere. Plus he can sit up on his own, with a boppy pillow behind him for support when he he does fall over. Oh yeah, and I have like 2 of everything. We have a big house so it just makes it so much easier to have multiples of things. Luckily I have found a lot at garage sales so I haven't spend much. I have 3 boppy pillows all for less than the cost of 1 new boppy pillow at the store. :) GO ME!
This is a Bumbo - we have 2 right now, but they will be going to Marcy soon. :)

So I will keep you up to date on the effectiveness of this new learning/playing program for Austin so that you can make your own informed decision.
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Chapter

As most of my friends and family know, I have always been a competitive career oriented person. I met Justin and moved to Arizona 3 years ago, best decision of my life. In Colorado and in Portland I LOVED my jobs. I would have done anything for my company, my arenas/buildings, my co-workers and my customers. I just Loved what I did and I worked all the time. When we moved to AZ I found a sales position right away, however it was vastly different from my previous sales manager positions. I needed a break from that world and to slow down a bit, I was planning a wedding after all! I started up almost immediately with Enterprise as an Administrative Assistant, basically an executive assistant for the VP of Fleet Management.
Not too long after, our VP left and a new manager came in. My role changed more to office helper. Whatever anyone needed help with, I did it. This wasn't meant to be my life long career but a good place to be until I figured it all out.
Than the new love of my life came along, Austin, and my priorities changed a bit. We struggled with what was best for our family; work, make that money for the fun stuff or stay home and raise our children and do without the fun stuff. So I worked.

Yesterday I was laid off from my job at Enterprise. Of course I cried immediately when they shut the door and HR was in the room. I am actually pretty smart and know what is going on. I said "oh no, you are breaking up with me?" It is true though, isn't it? Isn't leaving a job like breaking up? I love my co-workers, I love my company but I completely understand their decision. The economy is down and I struggle everyday to find enough work to do so I don't want to hang myself in boredom. I like to be busy and productive, but there just wasn't enough for me to do anymore.

I have never been let go of any job my entire life and that may be the hardest part to swallow. But I will look and if the right job/career is out there, I will find it and I will get it. In the meantime, I will be lucky enough to spend this invaluable time with my baby, my love. I will have a WAY cleaner house and finally get that freaking X-mass tree taken down! SO ANNOYING! I will also have more time and energy to workout, cook healthier meals and get some much needed down time.

I was very fortunate to receive a severance package and after that is done, I will file unemployment. Hopefully the right job will find me and oh yes, I will be looking closer to home.

So this is a new chapter in my life. I am not really sad anymore, still a little shocked, but like everything that has come my way, I will make the very most and best of it. Thanks for the support and I look forward to writing future posts as my new career starts as a STAY AT HOME MOM.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sinuses, Eczema and Teething - OH MY!

You may or may not be aware of a few challenges we have been facing with Austin's health. Since he was born he started vomiting up his milk so around 8 weeks we slowly started giving him soy formula and some rice cereal mixed in to all his bottles. He also had a few rashes on his face and head.
Over some time and moving slowly to soy formula only at 5 months old, Austin is no longer spitting up to the point of vomit!! WHOHOO! However his skin is a whole other issue. They call eczema Baby Asthma. It is basically the way a baby shows he has allergies and asthma. We started using creams on him at the 8 week mark as well and they did help a little. But as he has gotten bigger, the rashes have drastically intensified.
Yesterday I hit a breaking point and took him to the pediatrician again, only 1 months since his 6 month check up. At his 6 month appt the pedi prescribed a stronger cream for his rashes and VaniCream to put all over him to help his dryness. It hasn't helped. He is so bad and literally scratching all his skin off.
She said it is time to take him to a dermatologist, so I sit and wait for a call back to make the appointment. He also has a bad fungal thing happening in his private area that she gave us a prescription for. Oh and on top of that, his nose has been running for 2 months straight. We started Benedryl a month ago and that is helping but not much. He also has a sinus infection and we have some antibiotics for that now.
MY POOR BABY! OH and on top of all of that, he is teething. He wakes up every night now screaming and can't fall back asleep because of the pain. We give him these little dissolving tablets to help but they don't seem to do much good. I also tried giving him some Baby Tylenol to help with the pain, still no luck. Finally we gave him a small bottle and J took over around 2:00am because I am still sick and not getting any sleep.
I hit another breaking point this morning when my supervisor looked at me and said, Oh no you are still sick! I just cried and said, I am just so tired and upset about my baby boy. I hate crying at work.
Let's hope we can figure something out soon for Austin. PLEASE GOD HELP US! Help ME!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Battle of the Baby Bulge

If you are a mother or a women in general, you understand how it feels to always want to lose those extra pounds. Well it is so Game On with me and this baby weight right now.
I gained 63 whopping pounds with my Austin. I was shocked when the doctor said their was really only one baby in there. I could have sworn 2 were going to come out. Unfortunately I had only one baby and one giant Big Mac/Chocolate Ice Cream. BOO I say!! Boo on you intense cravings and lack of motivation to cook in my last trimester - BOOO!
After my emergency C-section and delivering a very healthy 8lb baby boy - not 20 as I sort of hoped - I did not even lose a pound when I got home on the scale 5 days later. How could this be??? Yeah, extra water weight from all the IV's. More BOO!
However over the next 2 weeks I dropped about 30 pounds of water weight. I was in the bathroom much more than I expected post bump. I thought the rest would come off like the first half, but again, I was wrong. I really don't like being wrong.
Finally I started playing dodgeball again and started going to these bootcamps by my house one night a week. Than I decided to start Jenny Craig back up. I had kept my membership going even though I had not participated for a couple of years.
Finally, I started to drop some weight. I lost another 18 pounds.
Now with 15 pounds to go till I hit my pre-pregnancy weight I hit a little brick wall. But due to being sick and trying to stick to the plan - I dropped 3 pounds this week! I AM PUMPED! So 12 pounds to go and counting!! But of course I would like to lose another 10-20 beyond that to get to 1. my wedding weight and than 2. my most fit college track star weight. BRING IT!


Don't you think being sick is just the worse way to spend your time and your day? I DO! I was sick all freaking weekend and still am. I was super sick yesterday and stayed home from work, which I only do if I am really bad off. I just hate to waste a "vacation" day being home and in bed all day. BOOO to being sick!
But my hubby was SUPER SWEET and took care of the little guy all day so I could rest. He even woke me up around noon to see if I wanted some of the frozen pizza he made. I didn't really want to get up but thought that sounded pretty good. He even moved the spicy pepperonis off of the one side BEFORE cooking it for me. I am super sensitive to spicy anything and that was really sweet of him to do. Thanks Babe!
I went right back to sleep till 4pm when I decided I needed to finally get up and see my baby.
So now I am back at work and feel much better. I am still a little sick with the coughing and stuffed up nose but I can function. Thank you sleep, husband and NyQuil. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring...

If you are not aware, AZ is experiencing some extreme raining and flooding. As I drove into work today, going a good 5 mph faster than the "fast" drivers, I quickly missed my life and daily, rainy commute to work in Portland, OR.
Oh how I miss my Portland friends!! You guys rock!! We had so much freaking fun together. One day, maybe, I will get my butt back there for a visit.

So last night, after I cried it out to the hubby, he attempted to want to hang out and talk to me. So that was nice, he even put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. After I get upset, I usually have a good 1-2 weeks of him trying to be nice to me and help out around the house. So I will do my best to take full advantage of this short span of time. hehe

Austin woke up early this morning. His gums are just killing him right now. He woke up once for a few minutes last night to moan and move, than back to sleep. He was up a little before 5am today. My hubby was nice enough to go sleep in the other bedroom bc I was going insane with the noises coming from his mouth and nose. When I got him up this morning the first thing he says is "this bed is hard". Hehe that is hilarious. I was like, I KNOW! This was his bed in Portland and he couldn't understand why I never wanted to sleep over at his place. :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Enjoy your Weekend - rain, snow, wind or sunshine.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Why would you create a blog?"

So I am a little pumped to have started this whole adventure of spilling my guts and talking about whatever I want to with this blog. Than out of the sky, came like a bolt about to strike me down, "Why would you create a blog?" asks my loving and oh so considerate husband.
Why did I create a blog? I get up every morning to the sound of my husband's alarm, just before 5am. I turn it off and hear him get ready. I say goodbye at 5:15am and try to fall back asleep. That is usually short lived as my son begins to talk/cry. I take care of him, I get ready and out the door to daycare/work at 7am. I do enjoy work and my time with other communicating adults. Than home at 5:15pm in which I Have to take care of my baby the whole time because my husband needs to play his "games". I try to eat my dinner while feeding Austin (baby), give him his bath and put him to bed between 7pm and 7:30pm. I watch tv, clean up the kitchen, dishes, bottles, laundry or whatever I see that needs to be done, try to hop on the elliptical and go to bed around 9pm. Luckily I get to hear my hubby's game make it's annoying little noise right below our bedroom until he decides to call it a night. At this point I hear him come in, go to the bathroom and SNAP! He hits the pillow and instantly falls asleep. How lucky he is, and how lucky I am to get to hear his new fun sleeping habit of SNORING! Depending on the night, I get up with Austin to comfort him back to sleep - he is teething. So my sleep isn't as great as it could be considering my baby does usually sleep a good 10-11 hours a night. In there I randomly have boot camp or softball/dodgeball some nights, I need to work this baby weight off somehow.
I really don't have anyone to just "Shoot the Shit" with and just talk to about my day or what is bugging me, or what I am excited about. My hubby just isn't really there for talking because "we don't like to talk about the same things." Luckily I do have a few friends I email with very regularly that help me get out all my gabbing.
But here is this fun way to "talk" about all that crap that I want to talk about. If someone wants to read it they can, if they don't, they don't have to! No Pressure but at least I feel like someone is listening to me and not constantly telling me that they are not able to talk/listen right now because they are in the middle of a game.

Thanks for listening. I really think this will help me get through my little unhappy funks that I so often experience. And please don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but we are so very different in so many ways and he just doesn't understand me or want to sometimes.
Peace Out! Better blog to come tomorrow. :)

I Did It!! I am finally living in 2010!! I have a BLOG!

Can you freaking believe it, me, the girl who hates to read, has produced a blog in which others can read. I really am a giver.
But honestly, I have been talking about starting one since I was pregnant and just wasn't sure if I should, if I would have the time or energy, or if anyone would even bother reading it.
What to expect from this blog: My Sarcasm and Babbling on and on about issues and topics you may or may not have any desire to read about or be able to relate to. But that is just how I roll. :)
Thank you for reading and sharing my blog - please post comments or email me or whatever it is you are able to do on here to communicate to me.
Happy Reading!