1st B-day Party

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My growing boy

Well Austin has learned how to clap. Last night he just started doing it all on his own.. amazing! Now he loves to clap. :)
He also just figured out how to really chew his food. Yesterday I gave him all kinds of new "grown up" foods. I am super happy to report that he did not break out into hives however my Benedryl was close by. He is just doing so well. I love watching him grow and develop

We had a fun play date today with his friend Aric who is 14months and walking all over. They played so well alongside each other..I am so happy to see how well he acts and behaves around other babies. Just proud of my baby. Oh and Aric climbed the stairs for the first time. So Great!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My growing boy

Austin has been a very hungry little boy. He has been taking an extra bottle for several weeks now, with only a 4 day break in between. What this means is that instead of four 7-8ounce bottles a day he is taking 5, with the 5th one at night. IT IS KILLING ME!
I so badly would like my child to sleep through the night again. However he has gained 2 pounds in that time frame, so that is good. He is around 21 pounds now with his 11 months approaching this Sunday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

Here is A going through his downstairs changing table. Pulling all the clothes out AGAIN!

Here he is climbing up onto the dishwasher for the first time. So hard to put dishes aways sometimes.

Here he is, first time in the water/pool!! It was lots of fun!

Here he is with his new little cousin Lindsey. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pre-Baby Weight!!

If you have had children, you know that hitting your pre-baby weight is a HUGE accomplishment. Now some mommies are super lucky and lose it right away with breastfeeding or the luck of God and genetics... I am not one of those people.
After A came out I only lost like 3 lbs - well he was 8lbs so how did that happen??
Because I had a C-section they were pumping me full of salt water therefore I was retaining a ton of it for quite some time. I had so much water in me that most all my fingers were numb because of it. I wasn't even able to feel my baby with my fingers but used the backs of my hands to feel his skin. It made me cry.
After 2 weeks being home, I lost 30 of my 63lb weight gain. I was pumped but still "big". I started to work out more, joined dodgeball again, joined a softball team near our new house. I would get on the elliptical more, started going to a bootcamp once a week and tried to watch what I was eating more. Than after I stopped breastfeeding at 4 months (Austin was reacting very badly to my milk) I started back up on Jenny Craig and lost another 10lbs over the coarse of 8 weeks or so.
After losing my job I quit Jenny Craig bc the location was by my work but no where near my house.
Recently I got onto Medifast (sister company of JC) in which my step-mom recommended. I dropped 10 pounds in a week!! Than bc of a few trips I gained back a couple pounds but am now back on it and officially at my pre-baby weight!! I can't freaking believe it!! I am so happy!!
NEW GOAL - 10 more pounds or 170lb which is my wedding weight.
My belly is still bigger than before because most of my clothes still don't fit, but I am so freaking close I can taste it! I just need to stick with this and keep my workouts up, I know it helps. I am so happy and can't wait to wear all my clothes again, well for a month at least, since we are going to try and get pg again in a few months! hehe

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st Official Mother's Day

Well, I am officially a mother and therefore I get to have another day all about me (and other mothers)!! WHOHOO to holidays!!
Last year I got NOTHING from my hubby even though I was weeks from bringing his child into the world and all my attempts to tell him I wanted him to do something, anything. He did not.
This year - we celebrated his birthday the night before (sat) with some poker, grilling and friends.. lots of fun. I got sick before going to bed so you know I had fun.
Justin got up with Austin at 6am when he woke up and fed him, so I could sleep, which I love to do. Than I wake up and J is in the door. All of a sudden I see a balloon slowly moving into the room, it was attached to my crawling baby's bum. He crawled all the way to me in bed where he was super happy hugging and loving me. It was great. I also got a great card (from my baby) with his hand and sort of foot prints on it. How cute it that!! I also got a plant of my fav flowers, yellow daisies. It was very nice! We didn't do anything that day and I just grilled lunch and dinner. We didn't really want to go out and deal with all the people. So we never changed out of our PJ's and just hung out all day.
He did it all by himself on the first try! J was in front of him with his hands by his bum in case he fell back but the never did, he went up all 8 stairs with no problem. HOW AMAZING is that??!!?

So it was a great Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Insurance Companies

OMG - I am so angry at you Insurance Companies. I pay you, I accept you, but all you do is try to screw me. I am not even apart of one of you anymore and you are still screwing me. When you get a bill sent to you for a service performed in which you are REQUIRED to pay under our contract, you should look at the bill, write a check and send it to the address listed and by the time allotted. I do not think this is really asking too much of you, but I am wrong.
When you send this small amount of money - $381.27 - you don't send it to the right place. Well they cashed it and the people due money never got it. They bill me, I call them and we call You, Insurance Company, and you claim you are going to re-issue to the correct address.
Fast forward 8 months from the time of service and 3 conversations later, YOU still have NOT sent the money to the right place.
PLEASE send them the money they are due and get me out of the collections I am now in due to you. I did my job, I paid you. NOW DO YOURS!
Thank you,
Angry Ex-Customer