1st B-day Party

Monday, April 26, 2010

NE trip

Well Austin and I went to Nebraska to visit my mommy this past week. Overall it was great. But we had some interesting experiences and some traumatic ones.
Wed we flew in the morning. I bought a new carry-on bag and my sis convinced me to get a hard case one, yeah, my concerns were validated because IT DOESN'T FIT INTO THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT!! I was pissed!! So they checked it for free, thanks Allegiant, love you guys! My aunt picked me up, my mom got home from work and we went to Applebees for a late lunch/early dinner. I barely ate anything but was so full, since I have been dieting it was hard to eat food again. We went to bed early.
Thursday, A and I went for a walk and got some balloons for my dad - as it was his 60th birthday that day. Than we went to his office at lunch time to say hello and give his balloons and card. Than to their house to visit with Bobbi for an hour. My home and cousin Casie drove in from Omaha to hang out. Than we went to dinner at this new BBQ place by my house. My friend and her 2 small girls joined us. HORRIBLE Experience. So we finally get seated after the people who came in after us got seated first - and I said something to the hostesses. We are chatting finally get our order in at 20 till 8pm. Forty minutes go by and still no food. We have 3 children under 4 yrs old getting very upset along with 5 adults! Our server doesn't know why are food isn't at our table as the kitchen claims they made it already. SO we ask for the manager. She doesn't want to talk to us. Than she bluntly avoids our table so we go to her and have a little conversation. She was a total BITCH and is blaming our server. I am like, regardless what are we going to do about it. My friend, her hubby and 2 girls leave without any food. They finally give us food all boxed up and some gift certificates, at 9:00pm! We than completely rip the Manager a New A-Hole because she was handling this situation so badly. She never apologized and just kept blaming the server who is totally crying to us. So the next morning we called the General Manager and told him the hole story. THIS MANAGER was really BAD!
Than we went out with my friend Tom and had a Great time.
Friday - Austin fell off my mom's bed! I was sitting right next to him and had my arm there but I was looking at the computer and he dropped his toy, than leaped over my arm. He wasn't hurt but we both cried!! It sucked! Mom got off at noon and we ate at Godfathers than did some running around including stopping at a couple garage sales. It was so fun, I miss my mama so much sometimes. That night I went out to karaoke with my friends Tom, Jen and her sis, their boyfriends and her parents and their friends. Several other friends weren't able to come, so I was super disapointed and didn't know if I was even going out anymore, but it all worked out.
Saturday - up, packed and off to airport. After going through security I set Austin in his stroller and didn't strap him in. I grabbed my bags adn pushed the stroller foward about 3 feet and he slipped out the bottom onto the floor! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!! How did that happen that fast!! I didn't even go anywhere!! And totally in front of everyone, I felt like such a horrible parent!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Still Sick

Yep, Austin is still sick. We determined (the pedi and I) that it was the antibiotics he was on for his sinus and ear infection. So last night I gave him a dose of it and within minutes came up all the food he had still in his belly from that day. He got sick again at 10:45pm (he woke up). He woke up again at 2:45am and it appeared he was ready to eat. So he had most of a bottle than drifted back to sleep. I sat up with him for 20 min to make sure he wouldn't puke it up. He coughed several times and seemed okay so I put him back down at 3:15am or so. He woke up at 5:45am and when I picked him up, he was covered in formula vomit. I don't know how I missed this but thank goodness he didn't choke on it, he does sleep on his side and belly a lot.
Today he is very upset in general. He wants me to hold him more than normal and continues to whine and moan in pain, and it KILLS me because I can't give him anything to help. He still has the infections and his teeth are still pushing through but the pedi doesn't want me to give him anything, not even teething tablets. SO we have an appt on Monday to see how he is doing. SUCKS! I just want him to be happy and better.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vomitting Baby

OMG - Austin was so sick today. He has never been sick like this, not ever! He started the day well by sleeping good last night. Than he didn't want to eat all of his bottle. So that was odd. Than he played but not with the same happiness he normally does. We went outside and I put our new patio table together as he sat and watched on the turf with some toys. Than I fed him some solids but he wasn't interested in those much either but ate some.
He took his normal nap at 8:30am and I got my workout in. He woke and just seemed like he wanted me to hold him all the time. This is not normal - he likes his independence even when I want to hold him, he wants to roam. I had him up in the loft play area - gated off - and did some laundry upstairs. Than the new exercise equipment was here and getting delivered. He seemed like he was in pain so I gave him some Baby Tylenol and teething tablets. I tried to feed him but he only ate an ounce. I put in the fridge and tried 30 min later. He ate a little bit more, cried and began the MAJOR VOMITING! All over him and me but I caught all of it because I had the recliner up on the couch chair. So I soaked it all up and took him upstairs. I gave him a little bath, put on new clothes and changed myself. He than fell asleep on me almost instantly. He usually doesn't nap for another 2 hours. So it was rough on me to see him like this.
I thought it was over but I was wrong. He started puking just as I was making him another bottle. And it just kept happening from that point on. IT SUCKED.
We went to the doc and she said he has so much mucus in his throat from the drainage of the sinus infection that it is causing the vomiting. She also thought it could be from his antibiotics or possibly a virus going around. So no more attempts at formula today or solids, no meds of any kind. He can have Pedylite and that is it.
We got home and I tried an ounce and a half and he downed it, wanted more. So I gave him some more than some more - and in like 30 seconds after he finished the last go at it, he just puked that all up too! So we changed again!
He took another nap and was very cuddly until we put him to bed at an incline at 7:20pm. So that was my day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Traumatic Week

Austin hasn't had the best week, nor has his mama.

1. Austin ate dirt. I was watering our shrubs/trees and watching him but he all of a sudden was chewing on something. So I run over and he has a clump of dirt in his hand and I use my finger to swab his mouth to find more little clumps! He didn't even seem to dislike it. Now if only peas could taste like dirt....
2. Austin fell in the tub. He was trying to stand up to get close to me as I was going through his flashcards and he slipped. I dropped the cards and tried to grab him, but he was so slippery and moving because, yeah, he was drowning. I got him as he was completely under water splashing all around and he coughed up some water and his eyes were all red. But he was fine and the whole thing was like a total of 2-3 seconds.. but still - HOW TRAUMATIC FOR HIS MAMA!!! Here is a pic in his little ducky rob after the ordeal - see, he recovers very quickly.

3. Bad sleep! He has been waking up for like 2-3 hours at a time at night because his new teeth are bothering him so much. Tired baby and tired mama and papa.
He was so tired that he fell asleep coming home from dodgeball and just never woke up! Sleepy little man.

4. TWO NEW TEETH! He has one of his top teeth has broken through and the other is oh so close - I can see the white under the gums, so I know we are close. But this has been causing a lot of pain for Austin during the days and nights. Thank Goodness for teething tablets!
5. Austin is sick with Sinusitis and an ear infection. He hasn't been as happy and his nose has been running non-stop for a very long time now. He started to cough really really bad the last few nights. I waited a couple days to make sure it wasn't a one time thing than took him to see the Pedi yesterday. She said that it was perfect timing because he has a chronic sinus infection and an ear infection. She said that if I would have brought him in the day before she probably wouldn't have seen the ear infection and not treated it properly. If I had waited another day it could have meant a VERY ANGRY BABY! So Go Mama! But he is waking up in pain a couple time a night from the teething and the ear infection I assume. Now after only 1 dose of antibiotics (which he will be taking twice a day for 14 days) he did not cough at all last night! THANK THE LORD! I would have to go in and sit him up so the coughing would subside temporarily.. so no coughing makes for a happier baby and mama.

That is our week! Poor little man! But he still smiles all the time, Lucky Mama!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dirty Thirties! Thank you!

OMG - I am now 30 freaking years old. But I couldn't have celebrated it any better!
It started with my sister flying in from CO for the occasion on Thursday. We did a little shopping at IKEA (I got new curtains for 1 guest bedroom) and Buy Buy Baby (got a couple things for A). Her luggage didn't make it with her so we needed to kill a few hours and we were finally able to pick it up 5 hours or so later.
Friday - we cleaned, prepped and make lots of food, got groceries and some other items. Those items - a new guest suite mattress (great deal - and your welcome upcoming guests), a sewing machine (I am from NE, we all know how to sew), a TV stand for the new upstairs tv and lots of stuff for the party. LOTS OF MONEY SPENT ON FRIDAY - SORRY HONEY!
That night we went to karaoke. Even though there were only like 5 of us, we have a freaking blast and apparently I should be on American Idol according to the bar hoppers - too bad I aged out! UGH! hehe I got to sing 5 times and even see my step brother and his fiance -thanks for making the drive after work!

Saturday -Bed at 1am. Austin up at 2am, 4am, 4:40am and yeah, we just stayed up at that point.
We went garage sale shopping (got some GREAT DEALS), than to a farmers market, walmart again for stuff we missed on Friday and home right at 10am for our massages. If you need a massage - my girl will come to your house and she is way cheaper than anywhere else you can go, plus she is AMAZING! LOVE HER! oh and she is from NEBRASKA!
We busted our butts and cleaned, moved furniture, set it all outside and upstairs in the play loft area, made the rest of the food and got it all out, I made my own cake, cupcakes and brownies - so had to frosting those. It was ridiculous! But it all got done around 5pm - party started at 4:30pm.

LOTS of friends came who I haven't seen in like 6-12 months and we had a really good time. Justin grilled, my sister kept all the wonderful food (we had many compliments) filled and clean, everyone that tried it loved my special "tracie" drink now called Shooting Star, we had a sitter come and help watch all the little ones which really helped me out and hopefully my mommy friends and than around 8pm, just after I got Austin to bed - EVERYONE LEFT!!
I know!! Just as I was finally able to really have a drink and start talking to all my friends, everyone left!! I was a little bummed about that because I wasn't able to hang out and catch up with anyone really. So now I need to have another BBQ! hehe Joking!

But it was fun - and even though everyone left, my hubby's friends/co-workers came later and we all got to sit down and play poker together. We taught my sister how to play and got super drunk together. It was so fun! I passed out on the couch around 12:15am. I woke up to like 1 person still here than up to bed. My sister totally cleaned and put almost everything away for me last night too and she was tipsy. THANK YOU BRANDI! LOVE YOU!

It was wonderful and I thank all of my friends and family for giving me such a wonderful birthday. - OH and people brought me gifts!! I was actually really really shocked and grateful. Thank you EVERYONE!! Now we seriously need another party to use up all the new bottles of alcohol I was given! hehe

It is 9am on Easter - the morning after. Austin stayed asleep all night for the first time in 3 weeks! Happy Birthday Mommy! But he did wake up at 5am (that is fine) and I thought for sure my hubby would get him and feed him. Unfortunately, I am in way better shape than him and he got very sick shortly after that time. I actually felt fine - just tired so I fed my baby and we played. Everyone is still sleeping, including Austin (nap, it is 9:15am and we missed the first mass so we will go later. I am making a turkey (I don't know why I thought I would take that on after this party??) for dinner and will just relax most all day today. Easter pics to come in the next blog.