1st B-day Party

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin is so smart

Well we think so anyways!!
Here is where he is at.
Words he can say and know: Hi, Mama, Dada, Ball(fav), Catch, Dog, Balloon, and Hot. We are pretty sure he said Cat but not going to count it yet.
Words he can read on his flashcards: Dog (he actually says) and Ear (he points to it when he sees card) This is amazing to me because we don't really go over the flashcards much from his Your Baby Can Read pack.. so we know it isn't a memorization thing..
Body parts he knows and will point to when asked: ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, tongue, nose (he puts his finger up it all the time), toes, feet, hair, head and his first - Bellybutton! Working on knees and shoulders as well but not there yet.
He can only sign one word and it is sporadic: More
He loves to clap and dance around now as well. And he is becoming quite the thrower.. a Nebraska Cornhusker Quarterback possibly?? mmm??? I think so! He actually sits and watches football with mommy and daddy on Sat (Huskers) and Sunday (all NFL).
We are having fun watching our little man really grow up!

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