1st B-day Party

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween is in the air!

If you know me, you know how Halloween is my FAV holiday mostly due to the costumes. Yes, I am a theater lover and love to dress up. I also love how the weather turns colder and the leaves on the trees (yes we do have some trees here in AZ) turn that orange burnt color this time of year. Along with the smell of spice and pumkin pie I love the fun decorations of this event.
This year we are having a Halloween Party!! WHOHOO!! We had one 2 years ago when I was newly pregnant with Austin. Funny how things work out and I am now pg with Austin's new sibling.. pregnant again for a party. UGH!
We are making this a family friendly party because we have so many friends with little ones that it is just easier to go that route this time around. I really hope everyone can make it as I am planning fun games for all and yummy eats and goolish treats. I got this great book on how to make fun creative cupcakes and have 3 different types planned for the occasion. I even bought prizes for the games and costume contest. SO EXCITED!!
Justin, Austin and myself area all going to be Vampires... not the Twilight version because, well, they just look like everyone else. No fun in that. I have my costume and A's all done.. but still looking for one more peice to finish Justin's.
I will let you know how it all turns out! Can't freaking Wait!!! WHOHOO

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