1st B-day Party

Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Step

That is right folks! My little man has finally done something I NEVER thought he would attempt (at least this month), he took a step without holding onto anything! It was quite shocking as he has not really been interested in walking or standing up on his own. Now he can push a toy and walk all day long, but remove the toy and he sits right now. Its been like that for months!
In his horoscope it said the little Cancer that he is, tends to need to feel secure and not to expect him to walk for some time after his first b-day.. So we will see... So far this seems to be holding true. He is just really into holding something, anything, to the point of annoyance. But now I can see the light!
So this is how it went down.
He was holding onto the couch - where I was sitting - and he threw his toy a few feet to his left towards the elliptical. He turned, facing toy(and elliptical) and let go of the couch. So he is standing on his own for a couple seconds - this too is an accomplishment and rarity. Than he takes a conscious step towards his toy, turns back at me smiles and sits down. REALLY!! Freaking Awesome. He has done it 2 more times since.. similar scenario. This all happened on Wednesday of this week. He did it one more time that day and my friend Karla and Eli were over and saw it.. so I have a witness. Than he did it again at Eli's 1st birthday party. I tried for a picture but was unsuccessful.

It is only a matter of time now - Let the games begin!

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  1. Yay A!!! We will have walkers on our hands before you know it!