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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Play Gyms for Babies

Now you all know about those play gyms for babies and little children right? Well we got our fill this weekend!

Yesterday my friend signed us up for a FREE class in Chandler. Super nice of her! It was really cool. They kept moving around the different pads and slides etc.. every like 5 minutes into a new space for the little ones to roam and play. We did some circle time with songs and play, along with swing and jump on a little trampoline.
Today my friend's daughter turned the big 1 year old and her party was at a different play gym in Gilbert. Similar in the concept but not nearly as much stuff going on.

Okay - so you would think my adventurous outgoing son would be all over this.. and he was but only with the balls! He LOVES balls. I mean, we could be anywhere and if there is a ball there, than we won't need any other form of entertainment. Every time we were to get in a circle with our little ones.. he wanted nothing to do with me or the circle, just hunting down that ball, throwing it and chasing it of coarse.

Now I could go to one of these fun interactive play gyms and pay $75 for 4 weeks (1 50 min class per week). that is almost $20 a class.. Well Austin, sorry, but Mama bear doesn't feel it is quite yet worth it for you to go to a class for that much money where all you want to do is push around a ball. Mama has LOTS OF BALLs at the house.. gifts from friends and others we have collected.. so I think we will stick with the play gym that is your home!

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