1st B-day Party

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We just got back from a short but fun trip to San Diego. My hubby is from there so we went to visit some friends we have been wanting to go see for the 3 1/2 years we have lived here. We left after waking up on Sunday and just chatted outside in the beautifully mild CA weather. Than had some great pizza for dinner at a local place. I always like to eat somewhere unique to the area when traveling.. I can have Pizza Hut here.. you know what I mean?
Monday after Austin's morning nap we headed to the zoo for about 4 hours. LOTS OF WALKING. I was struggling a bit because I have this pain that shoots in my belly every time I take a step.. but it is sporadic. So sometimes I feel it all day and other days, nothing. It is in the place where I got an infection after my c-section.. I asked the nurse about it at my last appt but she said it is most likely a pinched nerve or something. LAME. But the zoo was great! Austin seemed more interested in the people than the animals but still a good experience for all of us and a good little work out for mama-bear.
Than we went over to J's family friends the Williams. We were staying with their oldest son who was also a groomsman in our wedding.. so really good fam friends of J and his family. LOVE THEM!! They are the nicest most hospitable people on the planet. We had some great grilled food and conversation.
Tuesday.. after Austins morning nap we went to the beach for just over an hour. It was so nice out but J was getting annoyed that A was trying to eat the sand. But A did really well over all and loved playing in the sand.. trying to put it in his buckets. Than dinner with more friends of J's at a Mexican place. Normally I have a hard time eating this stuff but it was all safe for me (spice is the devil) so I ate a lot.. too much.. I got sick after because I over ate.. Oh well..
Went to bed early bc I didn't feel good and we got up and left by 8am on Wednesday Morning.. So a great trip..

Next up - Montana to see J's parents and Grandma Fran!!

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